How Can A PUBG Player Earn Currencies Instead Of Rewards?

When you ask a PUBG player that what you like about the PUBG game then he or she will definitely take the name of the rewards, basically, when a person open the game then he or she will get a small window of the weekly rewards from which that player can easily huge collection amount of currency called BP (battle points). This could be really valuable however, still people looking for the best way to grab free currency instead of rewards. pubg mobile cheats would be the best source for Pubg players those didn’t get something special in rewards.

Perfect ways to collect the currencies

If we talk about the genuine way to get the currencies then players can easily spend the real life money in the shop and get the UC cash. Here are some points those tell you to get the currencies-

  • Players can buy the BP also by using the UC cash in bulk.
  • This could be possible when you get the Royale Pass.
  • you will get the battle points from the friends as well , but it could be a donation so it will in the limit.

Why are weekly rewards not valuable?

The weekly reward is not too much beneficial every time because it gives a concise amount of BP. Battle Points are possible to gain in bulk at the day of 6 because it provides about 2000 BP which are enough to open one crate of solider. Therefore, still many pro players are not satisfied to have these few currencies so they prefer to use other options and shortcuts. In addition to this, players those are playing best in the battle and does a “Winner-Winner Chicken Dinner” then they get lots of BP as the rewards at the end of the battle.

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